Getting the requirements for Lab Management

Like any infrastructure project, the gathering of requirements is an important step before setting up Lab Management.  For our customers, we start by trying to understand what their applications do.  We also look at understanding the use of test environments if they existed before clients decided to start using Lab Management.  The information gathered through the examination of existing test environments, understanding the application and mixing in best practices for LM results in a recommendation on the size of the underlying host machine for Lab Management.  Another important input when determining what will be required to host Lab Management is the client’s future direction for their application(s).  If a client is planning to offer software with enhanced features, additional environments and VMs may be required to accommodate testing in parallel with current versions of their software.

Determining a buffer that will allow for some growth can also be tricky, but it’s important to build in extra room none the less.  We have found that no matter how well you understand a customer’s application and how they tested it before the introduction of Lab Management, there are always opportunities/demands for additional environments or VMs that would benefit the application lifecycle and you don’t want to be in a position where you have no capacity for growth beyond the initial requirements.  As a rule of thumb we like to provision a host that can provide for about 20% growth.

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